St. Philomena's Hospital website

Wisdom Works was given the task to create a medical website for St. Philomena’s Hospital in Bangalore. We kept many things in mind while planning this website design. First and foremost, a good hospital website design should be very clear to navigate so patients in emergency don’t have to struggle going through it.


St. Philomena’s Hospital


Website designing


A healthcare website should have the following features and we kept all these in mind while developing the website for St. Philomena’s Hospital:

  1. Be very easy to navigate quickly
  2. Present the most commonly accessed information and files from a central location
  3. Be fully accessible on mobile devices

The website design was finalised after a lot of iterations and feedback from the client. The design is simple and easy to navigate. The most commonly accessed information is presented from a central location on the homepage.

You will find information on the various departments of the hospital, schedule of doctors, information on insurance providers, etc.

Overall, the site is user-friendly, simple to navigate, and well-organised with a beautiful appearance.

This website is also up-to-date, with current contact information and hours of operation. One of the main points we kept in mind was to ensure it is designed in a way that makes it easy for patients to find the information they need.

Another important aspect is that the website includes information about the hospital’s emergency services. It lists the hours of operation for the ER, and provides contact information for patients who need to speak with someone about their visit to the ER.

Patients can find information about the hospital’s doctors. We have ensured that we list the doctors’ specialties, as well as contact information and office hours.

You can also fill a form to get an online appointment with a doctor.